Welcome to Sandgate

Sandgate Serenity: Exploring 2.5 Kilometers of Coastal Charm Between Folkestone and Hythe

Nestled enticingly between Folkestone and Hythe, the picturesque coastal village of Sandgate beckons for more than just a fleeting visit. A mere few minutes away by car or bus from both towns, or a leisurely stroll or bike ride along the seafront, brings you to beaches offering expansive views over the Channel. The High Street renowned for its antique and collectible shops now featuring a delightful array of inns and restaurants, including classic fish and chips spots, as well as charming independent shops, await exploration.

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Despite its size—spanning two miles of coastline and extending inland over steep wooded hills—Sandgate boasts a captivating history. From the times of Henry VIII to encounters with smugglers, the looming threat of Napoleonic invasion, and crucial military roles in two world wars, the village has played a role in significant historical events. Noteworthy social reformers and luminaries from the realms of literature and the arts have also chosen Sandgate as their home.