Actionable Ways to Promote Equity and Inclusion as a Consumer

Everyone is talking about diversity these days, but how can you work to promote diversity and inclusion in your everyday life? True, you can take to the streets in support of protests and activists that are trying to level the playing field. But these aren’t the only ways to help.

In fact, one of the most powerful things you can do to ensure a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable world is to become an informed consumer because where and how you spend your money can send a message to corporations and society. If you need a little help getting started, try one of these conscientious tips from Sandgate.

Always Review Diversity and Inclusion Statements

One of the best ways to support diversity in your community is to shop locally. Even so, sometimes your needs and budget concerns can make this challenging. When this is the case, know that you can still shop big box retailers without feeling guilty. Do some research before you go shopping to see which stores are working for the common good. Such companies understand the benefits of having a diverse workforce, which includes increased innovation and employee engagement.

Most companies, including the GAP, have their diversity and inclusion statements on their websites. If you can’t find one for your favourite stores, you can also check to see if these companies have any foundations or charitable causes they support.

Find Active Ways to Cultivate Anti-Racism and Allyship

In the intro, we mentioned that diversity and inclusion are trending topics. This is so true, and the same can be said for anti-racism, which is a huge building block towards equity and inclusion. Here’s the hard truth, though: talking about anti-racism and doing something about it requires two different levels of commitment and effort. As On-Seeing points out, if you want to be a true ally to underrepresented communities, you have to be willing to back up your social media posts with real action.

Once again, using your power as a consumer is a great way to act towards change. But you have to be willing to dig a little deeper in order to be a truly responsible consumer. That’s because while many products — including those that contain palm oil — may seem innocent, the production of these goods causes the most harm to people of colour.

You can also look for nonprofit organisations that are run by people of color. This may seem like a small step, but research shows that these NGOs are more likely to promote true diversity in their hiring practices and operations. You can usually find information about an organisation’s board of directors on their website.

Give Up Fast Fashion and Support More Inclusive Organizations

Aside from being selective about which groceries you buy, there are other ways to actively work against racism, like putting a stop to your fast fashion habit. The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre notes that racism and oppression have always been at the core of the fast fashion industry.

Many fast fashion companies have a history of mistreating or not hiring minority employees. Their marketing campaigns tend to be devoid of representation as well, but the most severe issues stem from the way they manufacture those discount pieces. To turn a profit, many clothing companies utilise working environments. Workers are also paid very low wages.

Instead of promoting these unethical practices, consider spending your hard-earned money with black-owned businesses that are working to end them. These sustainable companies are also run by women, so you can truly feel good about your purchases.

Creating a more equitable and inclusive world is going to take time and a lot of hard work. By being a more informed and responsible consumer, you are making some very powerful first steps. Know that you’re making a difference and you are acting to create a better world.

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