Over the years Sandgate people, sadly some now no longer with us, have written about their memories of Sandgate. Some of these lovely articles have been published in newsletters over the years and these items and others are now reproduced here too.

If you have a Sandgate anecdote or story you would like to share here please do contact me using contact details on the Contact page.

Tales From The Society Archive Team – Shipwrecks and more

Lilla, The Countess of Chichester & The Chichester Memorial Hall

Sandgate Starts With Shipbuilding in 1778 – Fred Moore

A Spoken Memory Project – authored by David Lay Pavement Pounders CIC

Sandgate Heritage Quiz – Sandgate Society

Lockdown But Not Out – David Cowell

When The ‘James and Elizabeth’ Went Down 1886 – Fred Moore

Remembering a Hero – Ann Nevill

Fritz Ewer  – Padrayla Holdsworth

A Walk Through Sandgate (part 1) – by Fred Moore

Another Sea Disaster Reported Off Hythe – Fred Moore

No High Street! – Robert Crook

A Stall on the Beach – Robert Crook

School Days and Tony – Robert Crook

Memories of an Evacuee – Jill and Fred Partridge

Lest We Forget – Michael George

The Old Brass Lantern – Robert Crook

Never Heard of the Place! – Vannessa Young

The wooden slipway – Fred Moore

Buckets and Spades – Melita Godden

Jumble Sales – Jessie Bowler

The Benvenue – Fred Moore

The Jagos – Bryan Evans

Nurse Peel – Fred Moore

Growing Up In Sandgate 40/50’s – Bryan Evans

Sandgate – Health of the Town 1854

Memories of Vicars son – Richard Gethin-Jones

Old friends re-united – Jill Partridge

Navigating History – Rob Illingworth

About our Neighbourhood – Fred Moore

Nostomania – Derek St Clair-Stannard

Vera Passing Through – Vera Baxter & Melissa Honour

Getting to know Roger de Haan – Jan Holben

Playing on the Beach – Pam Durrington

My Grandfather; Fearsome Phil – Phil Ogison

King of Cannibal Island – Richard Gray

Rail & Tea, 3/9 each – Robert Crook

Sandgate Castle captures the imagination – Joanie Alford

The Legion d’Honneur Award – Derek St.Clair-Stannard MBE

My memories of Sandgate – Audrey Cockshutt

Wilberforce Road and the Doodle Bug – Mary Mather

Arnold Henry Ullyett Son of Henry Ullyett B Sc – Ros McCarthy

Return to Sandgate – Margaret Cameron

Landslip in Sandgate – Fred Moore

My Father and Shipwrecks – Derek  St. Clair-Stannard

Sandgate – The fight against Cholera – 1849

Wartime Sandgate – Some glimpses – Linda Rene-Martin

Sandgate in the 1960’s –  Ann Oakford & Tony Adams

Keep Sandgate beautiful – David Jeays

Jocelyn Brooke Impressions – Ann Nevill