Fined for walking dog on lead in a park – a happy ending :)

The delightful Sandgate Park, also known as Sandgate Rec, located on Military Road, was formerly under the care of F&H District Council, later taken over by Sandgate Parish Council. This informal park features open grassland, tennis courts, a volleyball court, and a grassed area for boules. Additionally, there are small children’s play areas with swings and slides in the central part of the park.

Despite notices allowing dogs in designated areas (but not in children play areas), a Sandgate resident was recently fined £100 for walking her dog on a lead in the park. The resident, who was en route to the dog area, was informed that dogs were prohibited ANYWHERE in the park, including a public right of way footpath from Military Road to Valley Road.

Sandgate Parish Council clarified that dogs on leads ARE allowed in the park, as indicated by signage, and are not restricted from using the footpath which is a public right of way. The affected dog walker intends to appeal the fine, and residents with similar experiences are encouraged to contact the parish clerk, Gaye, for guidance on the correct procedures.

EDIT: The good news is – that with super quick help from Sandgate Parish Council – this £100 fine was cancelled and F&H District council apologised to the dog walking resident for this error.

So, in short, responsible dog walkers are very welcome in Sandgate Park – but as the signage states – dogs must be kept on the lead and away from childrens play areas. Dog waste must be picked up and bagged and deposited into one of the bins. There is also an area especially for dogs to run off lead, to the side of the car park.

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