Inspection Covers – Who Installed the Sanitation?

Dear Fellow Sandgate Society Members and Residents

I was taking my daily walk earlier in the month through Sandgate when I noticed an inspection cover which was impressed with the name N O Baker, builder, Sandgate.  That’s interesting I thought and took a picture, carried on my walk but then started to look at other air tight inspection covers.  After several walks I have found 3 different Sandgate builders’ drain covers and others with Folkestone and Hythe builder’s names.  I have started to find some information about these builders such as where their premises were located, how long they were in business, etc.

This is where you come in please  –  many drain covers are on private property which I cannot see from the path so please would you look at your drain cover and see if it has a local name on it.  If it has, please photograph it and send it with the location, to email:

This will give us an idea who built some of the houses in Sandgate or if you have an older property, who installed the sanitation.

These photos will be collated and will be put into the archives along with a potted history of the builders themselves. Many of the drain covers have been changed over the years because of corrosion, damage or changing driveway material, which means many of these have disappeared over the years  – so please look and send your photos in.


Annie Bamford

The Sandgate Society Archive Team

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