Limitations Imposed Following the Discovery of Bluetongue on Kent Farms

On November 11, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) confirmed four cases of bluetongue in cattle, with the virus identified in a cow near Canterbury. In response, a temporary control zone spanning 10km (6 miles) has been established, imposing restrictions on the movement of animals.

To read more on this please click on link:

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Repeat Offender: Maidstone Fraudster Released from Prison Resumes Scamming

A previously convicted fraudster from Maidstone found himself back behind bars after his release from prison. Blake Paterson, who had served time for engaging in fraudulent online car sales, was released on licence in 2022. Unfortunately, he resumed his deceptive activities, scamming new victims.

Paterson had a history of deceiving individuals into making payments without delivering the promised vehicles. In addition to the standard licence conditions that allowed for his recall to prison if he reoffended, Paterson was also obligated to adhere to a Serious Crime Prevention Order.

Protect Yourself from Scams: A Friendly Reminder

Watch out for the various tactics scammers employ to exploit unsuspecting individuals. Be cautious when sharing personal information, whether in person, via email, or over the phone. If you ever doubt a call claiming to be from your bank, hang up and use their official, published number to contact them.

Unexpected calls from Microsoft (“Hello, I’m from Microsoft and you’ve got a problem with your PC”) are likely to be scam calls, they may even ask for you by name, but do not engage in conversation, just hang up. Microsoft do not make unsolicited calls.

When contemplating a purchase, especially on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, exercise caution, especially if the price seems too good to be true. Seek advice from someone familiar with scamming techniques or explore online resources for scam prevention tips at

If you encounter a suspicious email prompting you to click on a link or download an attachment, it could be a scam. Forward it to the government department at, and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will investigate.

Stay vigilant and safeguard yourself from potential scams.

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Folkestone & Hythe District Council coastal defence project under way

Work is under way along a section of Kent coast to protect more than 3,000 homes and businesses from flooding.

The latest round of recycling and regrading of shingle between Fisherman’s Beach in Hythe and Folkestone Harbour began on Monday.

The project is scheduled to take up to eight weeks to complete.

The work “helps shield the sea wall, reducing the possibility of flooding and coastal erosion,” according to Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

Read more about this here:

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BBC Podcast: The Rental Crisis – a perfect storm

Buying a home can often be a big challenge – but in many areas it’s becoming increasingly tough just to rent somewhere. Official figures show that people in rural and coastal spots are being squeezed out of the rental market – because the pandemic has seen outsiders and holiday-makers snapping up properties in popular tourist destinations. In North Devon – there’s been a 22% increase in house prices. The Office for National Statistics says “rising house prices and private rents mean that some workers are at risk of being priced out of living in rural and coastal areas, contributing to skill shortages in the tourism and hospitality industries.” Cornwall and Torbay Councils have warned of what they say is a “perfect storm”. BBC reporter, Jon Kay, has been hearing about the challenges from one couple in Bideford – Sarah-Jane and her wife, Lauren. This is 5 Minutes On how the rental crisis is having a real impact on people’s lives.

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Folkestone Rowing Club

You don’t have to be a rower to belong to Folkestone Rowing Club – Folkestone Rowing Club has a great social scene if you don’t fancy rowing! We have quizzes, raffles, open mic nights as well as theme nights. It is open 3pm-10pm Mon-Thurs, 3pm-11pm Fri, 2pm-11pm Sat, Sun 12am-9pm Sun.

To see upcoming events click on this Facebook link:

To check out some of the pictures from this years regattas click on this link:

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We Need Your Help To Avoid Path Closure

Dear Sandgate Society Members and all Sandgate residents,

We need your help please – evidence is needed to avoid an important path closure.

There is a path known as Sandy Lane, which goes from the bottom of Hospital Hill up to the Military cemetery. There is also a path through the woods, from the top of Hospital Hill to the Military cemetery, this is the path we want to claim. The land is now owned by Taylor Wimpey.

The Sandgate Society are in the process of claiming this path to avoid closure but we need 40 witness statements.  Locals have used it for many years but it’s not a public right of way.

The evidence needs to start at least 20 years before the date of claim of 2022, but can also be joined up, ie : someone using the path 30 years ago, stopping, someone else using it 15 years ago is fine.

It is, we feel, a Heritage Trail as it includes the Martello tower No.9, remains of WW1 trenches and WW2 pill boxes, a Victorian Firing Range, views of the Royal Military Canal, a mention of the Battery Wall (below, can’t be seen) the Redoubt and the Military Cemetery.

All information for witnesses is on the Sandgate Parish Council website, please follow this link. Please follow this link for full information:  

and help us if you can.

The witness statements cannot be filled out on line, but can be printed free of charge at the Sandgate Library.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Actionable Ways to Promote Equity and Inclusion as a Consumer

Everyone is talking about diversity these days, but how can you work to promote diversity and inclusion in your everyday life? True, you can take to the streets in support of protests and activists that are trying to level the playing field. But these aren’t the only ways to help.

In fact, one of the most powerful things you can do to ensure a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable world is to become an informed consumer because where and how you spend your money can send a message to corporations and society. If you need a little help getting started, try one of these conscientious tips from Sandgate.

Always Review Diversity and Inclusion Statements

One of the best ways to support diversity in your community is to shop locally. Even so, sometimes your needs and budget concerns can make this challenging. When this is the case, know that you can still shop big box retailers without feeling guilty. Do some research before you go shopping to see which stores are working for the common good. Such companies understand the benefits of having a diverse workforce, which includes increased innovation and employee engagement.

Most companies, including the GAP, have their diversity and inclusion statements on their websites. If you can’t find one for your favourite stores, you can also check to see if these companies have any foundations or charitable causes they support.

Find Active Ways to Cultivate Anti-Racism and Allyship

In the intro, we mentioned that diversity and inclusion are trending topics. This is so true, and the same can be said for anti-racism, which is a huge building block towards equity and inclusion. Here’s the hard truth, though: talking about anti-racism and doing something about it requires two different levels of commitment and effort. As On-Seeing points out, if you want to be a true ally to underrepresented communities, you have to be willing to back up your social media posts with real action.

Once again, using your power as a consumer is a great way to act towards change. But you have to be willing to dig a little deeper in order to be a truly responsible consumer. That’s because while many products — including those that contain palm oil — may seem innocent, the production of these goods causes the most harm to people of colour.

You can also look for nonprofit organisations that are run by people of color. This may seem like a small step, but research shows that these NGOs are more likely to promote true diversity in their hiring practices and operations. You can usually find information about an organisation’s board of directors on their website.

Give Up Fast Fashion and Support More Inclusive Organizations

Aside from being selective about which groceries you buy, there are other ways to actively work against racism, like putting a stop to your fast fashion habit. The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre notes that racism and oppression have always been at the core of the fast fashion industry.

Many fast fashion companies have a history of mistreating or not hiring minority employees. Their marketing campaigns tend to be devoid of representation as well, but the most severe issues stem from the way they manufacture those discount pieces. To turn a profit, many clothing companies utilise working environments. Workers are also paid very low wages.

Instead of promoting these unethical practices, consider spending your hard-earned money with black-owned businesses that are working to end them. These sustainable companies are also run by women, so you can truly feel good about your purchases.

Creating a more equitable and inclusive world is going to take time and a lot of hard work. By being a more informed and responsible consumer, you are making some very powerful first steps. Know that you’re making a difference and you are acting to create a better world.

Sandgate is an idyllic community located between Folkestone and Hythe. If you have any questions, please email

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Sandgate Society Photographic Competition Winner Is . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . Annette Cooper!  

And luckily she was at the coffee morning on Saturday to receive her prize!

Well done Annette – her winning entry of frog spawn will be posted on the Sandgate Society website soon.

We will also publish a small selection of some of the other entries on the Sandgate Society website .

Thank you all for such good quality compositions and for the high number of photos received – a good addition to Sandgate Society events!

Well done Annette and thank you to Kevin for organising and judging the competition.

To see a comprehensive list of Sandgate Society events – check out:

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A Community Guide to Supporting Small Businesses

It’s not always easy for smaller local businesses to keep up with bigger, better-known brands. The COVID-19 pandemic was especially challenging for smaller companies, as many of them lacked the large budgets to stay afloat as business declined or was put on pause.

Now is the time for local businesses to recover and for their communities to rally around them and lift them up. Read on to discover some of the ways that small businesses can thrive and learn how their neighbourhoods can support them, courtesy of Sandgate.

Recognize the benefits of small businesses

Small businesses support their local communities in many ways. For one thing, they help create local jobs. They can also contribute to local taxes, helping to support a healthy local economy. Additionally, small businesses tend to be less burdensome to the community precisely because of their size: For example, they can occupy local buildings instead of having to add new infrastructure that disrupts the area. Oliver POS highlights additional benefits of small businesses, like the fact that they diversify the area marketplace.

How local businesses and the local community can connect

Small businesses can have a reciprocal relationship with their local communities that benefit both sides. However, this reciprocal relationship depends on connectivity. Business owners can connect with the community by taking steps like joining a local business organisation, teaching classes or workshops for locals, introducing themselves to other nearby retailers, and participating in area events. Sponsorships are another great tactic. For example, a local business can sponsor an area sports team or event, like a parade. The business invests in the community while making its brand known.

Marketing tips for neighbourhood businesses

Marketing is essential to any business’s success. This is even more important for small businesses in the wake of COVID-19. It’s important to let the world know that you’re still there and ready to provide essential goods or services. A website is a critical marketing tool. Local businesses can then list their website in area business listings to generate leads.

When communicating with a graphic or web designer, you may need to change file formats from JPG to PDF. Luckily, there are free shortcuts you can use; this tool may help you save money by easily transforming all of your images into a single usable file that’s still high quality. And best of all, it’s free!

Ways businesses can show appreciation for customer loyalty

If the community rallies around a small business, it only makes sense that the business would want to say thanks. There are loads of creative ways that companies can convey their appreciation for customer loyalty. Shopify lists some ideas, like writing handwritten thank-you notes, showcasing customers on social media, and implementing customer feedback. It’s also helpful to set up customer loyalty or referral programs. Finally, consider what kinds of perks people genuinely appreciate. Examples range from offering free shipping to sending personalised communications.

Events that can bring businesses and neighbours together

There’s nothing like a fun event to bond businesses and customers. Companies can host area events to show appreciation for their clientele and drum up business in the process. By attending these events, clients are helping to boost the business’ brand. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend big bucks to throw a flashy party full of glitz and glam. Affordable ideas include hosting a contest, organising volunteering opportunities, or offering workshops. Product or service sampling is another fun way to bring people together.

Small businesses are a vital part of a thriving, happy community. However, local companies don’t always have it easy since they lack the money and notoriety of bigger companies. There are steps businesses can take to ensure locally owned companies thrive, like investing in marketing. The above guide has some additional ideas to benefit both businesses and the communities they serve.

Sandgate is a charming coastal village with a lot to offer. To learn more, please email

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Family History Talks

There are lots of great talks coming up, given by the Kent Family History Society, including:

‘Making the most of a Will’, ‘Family history storytelling’ and ‘The Poor Law settlement system in East Kent in the 18th century’, and lots of other interesting topics.

To find out more check out:

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At Risk From Flooding?

According to the Environment Agency, over five million people in England live and work in properties at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea, whilst more face flood threats from groundwater, surface water, sewers, and reservoirs.

At Gocompare, we have put together a guide to preparing for a flood and protecting your property – (scroll down page to: How can I reduce my property’s flood risk?)

In extreme conditions, you won’t be able to stop flood water, and you should always put personal safety above attempts to protect property and possessions. Despite this, there are steps that you can take to keep water out, to buy yourself time to preserve property and possessions and to limit the damage that flood water does.

Thank you for your support, we’re extremely grateful.

Kind regards,

Catherine Bailey

Publisher Partner Manager 

GoCompare, Imperial House, Imperial Way, Newport, UK, NP10 8UH

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Departure of SAGA from Enbrook Park

Dear Sandgate Society Members

You will mostly be aware of the recent disturbing news – the departure of Saga from Enbrook Park, Sandgate.

We received an email response from the CEO of Saga which is not entirely satisfactory from our point of view.

One of the main concerns at the present moment is the future of our Sandgate Community Garden; we are keeping Leonie completely in the loop, and so far we believe we have a “stay of execution”.  The points of consideration are not only the decision to be made by future buyers, which may take some time, but also the effective enforced closure if Saga no longer need water for their own grounds and remove our access to this essential commodity.

I am working closely with Cllr Tim Prater and also Cllr Guy Valentine-Neale (Head of Planning, SPC) and have requested a face to face meeting with Euan Sutherland which is planned for the next 2-3 weeks.   We have all brought up many salient points and will come back with answers shortly thereafter.

Please be assured that everyone is fully committed to ensuring the least possible “damage” to Sandgate – visually, architecturally – not to mention continued access for our community.

We will come back with more in-depth information following our meeting.

Thank you,

Sal Kenward

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Preserving Sandgate for future generations – Sustainability meeting

The Sandgate Society will be holding a meeting for members on 13th October to explore ideas on what they would like to see happen to make Sandgate more sustainable. If you would like to attend this interesting meeting do contact the Sandgate Society directly for details of membership. The following message was sent to members:

Dear Members,

As you may know from seeing our stall at the Sandgate Sale Safari; The Civic Day at the Quarter House or the Sea Festival we have been asking members of the community for ideas on what they would like to see happen to make Sandgate more sustainable to preserve it for future generations. We have had a positive response and are ready to move forward and put some of the great ideas into action.

We are holding a meeting on Thursday October 13th at 7p.m. in the Reading Room at the Old Fire Station on Sandgate High Street, to discuss these ideas and explore ways forward. Coming along doesn’t commit you to anything and you absolutely don’t have to be a sustainability expert. Hopefully, this will be the start of a group representing all sections of the Sandgate Community, where we can learn from and inspire each other in a supportive and non-judgemental way and crucially make a difference.

Please let us know if you would like to attend or if you are interested but can’t make the time/date. Please also let us know any other ideas you may have so we can put them up for discussion. One thing for sure is we won’t have picked a time and date that will suit everybody but we had to start somewhere…

·       Email –

·       Ring – Gemma: 07984 694907

Just to whet your appetite these are just some of the ideas suggested so far (in no particular order)

·       Thermal Surveys

·       Public water fountains to refill water bottles

·       Tool Library

·       Energy Saving Appliances Exhibition/Demonstrations  – a chance to see them in action

·       Repair Café

·       Pop up workshops/field trips on repair skills and sustainability

·       Sustainable Fashion Show

·       Discussion group on sustainability issues

·       Communicating local recycling information (items that don’t get collected by the council) and other local sustainability initiatives.

·       Campaigning to improve local services and facilities

·       A guide to making property low carbon in a conservation area

 We look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes

The Sustainability Team

The Sandgate Society

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H G Wells Exhibition by the Sandgate Society Archives Team

On 2nd/3rd April 2022 the Sandgate Society Archive Team  (Jill, Annie, Chris, Maggie, Frank and Bob) held their H. G. Wells exhibition in the Old Fire Station. 

On display were many documents and photographs from the archive files along with interesting books and Wells portraits kindly lent to us for the weekend.   The wonderful short film on loan from David Cowell featuring Wells’s life in Folkestone was well received by all. 

The exhibition was prompted by some unseen documents and letters by H. G. Wells, Mrs Wells, local builder William Dunk and Architect Charles Voysey, which had been discovered locally, donated to the Archives, and which related to the building of Spade House.  The original documents are now with RIBA at the the V&A for conservation.  Copies can be viewed on Saturday mornings.

The weekend was very busy and a success with many people enjoying the guided walks with Robert and Maggie and the wonderful refreshments served by the Events Team.  H. G. Wells commemorative envelopes and stamps are still available to purchase.  It was hard work by all the volunteers but a pleasure to do this especially in the 60th Year of the Sandgate Society.  A huge thank you to all who came along to see the exhibition.

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Proclamation Reading for Charles III for the Parish of Sandgate

Proclamation Reading for Charles III for the Parish of Sandgate: Delivered Sunday 11th September, 4pm

We come together this afternoon following the passing of our late Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth the Second. Our sadness at this time is shared by people across the globe, as we remember with affection and gratitude the lifetime of service given by our longest reigning Monarch. But the basis on which our monarchy is built has ensured that through the centuries the Crown has passed in an unbroken line of succession. Today’s ceremony marks the formal Proclamation to the people of the Sandgate of the beginning of our new King’s reign.

Read more at:

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Queen Elizabeth 1926 – 2022

Monarch of sixteen sovereign states, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The UK Mourns:

Elizabeth II was Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. Elizabeth was born in Mayfair, London, as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York

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After Three Years – The Sea Festival Is Back!

Its been a difficult and sometimes strange three years for lots of us and many public and private events have had to be canceled.

So – it is with much excitement the Sea Festival committee have announced the return of Sandgate famous Sea and Food Festival.

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The Return of the Sandgate Walking Tours

We’re delighted that Tony Quarrington is bringing his walking tours back to Sandgate for a third season!

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Samuel Plimsoll – the Sailors Friend

The annual commemoration service, wreath-laying and talk to mark the life of Samuel Plimsoll

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Sandgate Sale Safari

The Sandgate Sale Safari is back by popular demand!

if it’s not there already put Sunday 29th May in your diary. The Sandgate Society found last year that visitors tended to stick to certain areas of Sandgate so this year we have some stalls available in the village centre.

If you are interested in having a stall please email or ring Gemma on 07984 694907.

The good news is there is something that hasn’t gone up!  Stalls will be at the same price of £5 with all profits going towards community events.

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