Sandgate CCTV System Commissioned and Live

Sandgate Parish Council is delighted to have completed the installation of the Sandgate CCTV system. The system covers much of the length of Sandgate High Street, Castle Road Car Park, Golden Valley Shopping Centre and Sandgate Park.

The multi-camera recording system has been funded from a variety of sources including grants from the F&HDC High Streets Fund, the Sandgate Society, District Councillors Tim Prater, and Gary Fuller, County Councillor Rory Love, and Sandgate Parish Council funds.

Ongoing, the Parish Council will be paying around £4,000 a year to power and maintain the system – lower than the cost of other systems in the district. It is possible to extend the coverage of the system in future, but the current system will be evaluated before any options to do so are considered.

The Sandgate Park CCTV cameras are infrared to ensure the system is able to view detail at range at night. The other areas have sufficient light at all times not to need infrared.

The CCTV is a recording only system, and it will be operated according to protocols agreed by the Parish Council and laid down at

Cameras are NOT focused on private homes, gardens or other areas of private property. Should a Resident have a concern about an area of CCTV focus the Parish Council will, on receipt of a request in writing arrange to remove the area of concern from CCTV view. Any local resident concerned about the view of a specific camera of their property can arrange to check the area monitored. To arrange to do so, contact or call 01303 248563.

There are signs advising of the CCTV system in each of the areas being monitored, and more signs will be erected soon. We don’t want to clutter the area with signs, but equally, know that one of the most important elements of a CCTV system is its deterrent effect!

Regular crime statistics from Kent Police show that Sandgate is one of the safest places to be in the Folkestone & Hythe District, with a low crime rate. We hope that the new CCTV system acts as additional reassurance for residents and visitors.

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