Sandgate Post Office and other stories


These notes are part of a lengthy study of the early postal history of Sandgate gathered from the Royal Mail Archive and local historical secondary sources.     

A receiver at Sandgate is first recorded in 1794 with the establishment of the military camp above Sandgate (known now as Shorncliffe). An application was made to open a communication between Canterbury and Folkestone Camp.

It was decided that deliveries to Shorncliffe to be ‘accelerated by an hour’ and ‘a little bag to Sandgate’ would fulfill the need, with two Guineas to be paid to both the Receivers at Sandgate and Lydd, also an increase in salary made to the postmasters at Folkestone, Hythe and Romney.

To read the complete article – click on this link which will take you to the Tales from the Sandgate Society Archive Team.

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