Sandgate Society Community Wall of Fame

These are difficult and trying times, but it is heartening to hear more and more stories of local people stepping up to help in so many different ways.

The Sandgate Society is therefore seeking nominations for those people who you feel have enriched our local community with their selfless actions.

The Sandgate Society would like to acknowledge those people by entering them on the SANDGATE COMMUNITY WALL OF FAME 

It is intended, when practical, to display the board in the Old Fire Station and move it to other prominent areas of Sandgate from time to time – hopefully the Library or the Chichester Hall.

As a token of appreciation for each of our local residents shown on our “Wall of Fame“ the Sandgate Society, on behalf of our community, will donate a small gift to each nominee.

Please email your nomination with brief details of their activity, or drop a letter into either the Old Fire Station or the Sandgate Library and a member of the Sandgate Society team will contact you for further details as required for the nominee.

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