Schools, Church and Businesses

As you drive or walk through Sandgate you may be forgiven for thinking that Sandgate is a sleepy village – because there are many thriving businesses here too.


There are two main shopping areas in Sandgate. Sandgate High Street was once known as being the centre for Antiques and Collectables and there is still a number of businesses trading in Antiques on the High Street. More recently there is now a wide range of other businesses – everything from technology through to a variety of Eateries which have more recently joined the High Street scene.

The Golden Valley (Enbrook Valley) is Sandgates other main shopping area with plenty of free parking too. The Golden Valley shopping precinct has a thriving business community from Printers to Hairdressers and it is always worth a visit.

Sandgates biggest business and employer is the well known holiday company SAGA – who occupy the beautiful Enbrook Park.

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We have two schools in Sandgate: Folkestone School for Girls and Sandgate Primary School. We are very proud to say that both schools are examples of excellence in Kent. Both Folkestone School for Girls and Sandgate Primary School have been nominated as an outstanding school ‘where pupils flourish academically and grow into mature and confident young people’


Located in an elevated position on Sandgate Hill with access via the entrance to the Saga site or up the steps from Sandgate Hill, St Paul’s Church is a building you may miss as you drive along the main Folkestone to Hythe road. The building started its life as a small Episcopal Chapel built by the Earl of Darnley.