Start a Small Business from Your Rented Space Using These Tips

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Business tips for new entrepreneurs run the gamut, but for those who are working out of a small space, it’s crucial to make your environment a priority. Not only will your workspace need to be functional, but it also needs to fit realistically into your lifestyle. Running a business out of an apartment often comes with challenges, but there are several things you can do to make the process a smooth one. Start by changing things up to ensure the space is maximized for your needs, both professionally and personally.

Create the perfect work area

It’s possible to create a great home office or workspace in a smaller spot; it just takes a bit of creativity and a lot of organization. If possible, set up your desk or work table in an area that has some privacy and/or is free from distractions. Give yourself plenty of natural light to work in, or utilise task lighting that will be easy on your eyes. Invest in a comfortable, supportive chair, and use organizational tools that will help you stay on top of your to-do lists. You can also add houseplants for a bit of cheer and get rid of clutter to boost your mental health; these are great ways to keep stress at bay while you work and will help you achieve work/life balance.

Keep it legal

Once your environment is perfect, it’s time to think about operations. Running a home-based business means you have to stay on top of your legal responsibilities as a self-employed individual, especially regarding your taxes. One easy way to do this is to form a limited liability company, which will provide tax benefits while giving you flexibility with the way you run things. Every state has its own rules about formation, so get familiar with the steps required to create an LLC.

Also, check with your landlord or council association to ensure you have their express permission to run a business on the property. Keep in mind that they may refuse your request if they believe your business will be disruptive to other tenants or will cause damage to your rented space.

Fix it up

Another aspect of your business that may require permission from your landlord is making repairs or sprucing up an area for holding meetings with clients or customers. Broken windows, doors, or ceiling fans and peeling paint are unsightly and may give clients the wrong impression of your business, even if your meetings are virtual, and if your landlord doesn’t cover every type of repair, you may need some help fixing things up. Look online for a local handyman who can take over these projects for you; review sites are extremely helpful when you’re doing some research before hiring, and they can even provide deals on various services.

Create a schedule that works for you

Once your apartment is clean, spruced up, and ready for business, it’s important to make sure your work schedule actually works for you. Running a business from home means you can create your own routines, which is helpful if you have neighbors who are noisy at certain times of the day.

Running a business out of a small space can be frustrating if you’re not prepared, but with some organization, you can ensure things run smoothly as you work toward your goals.

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