Old Friends – Reunited

Article written by Jill Partridge

Since returning to Kent when my husband retired just over 3 years ago I have been most fortunate in meeting up with friends from my past.

Some of them as a result of joining the Sandgate Society, and others through my family members. Pam Shepherd nee Hodgeson and I grew up in Sandgate and spent many happy hours together both as children and teenagers in the village, we are happily back in touch, both members of the society and our husbands have also become good friends.   

I have also spent time with Fred Moore talking about old Sandgate, both people, buildings and changes; at one stage I had had every pair of shoes and boots I possessed mended and had started on my husbands! just to go into the shop for a chat.

In fact I learnt from him that my maternal great-grandmother had brought him into the world! something I had no idea about.

BBC  online News video March 2011 about Fred Moore, with Jill Partridge talking about Fred

My cousin Bryan Evans who recently contributed a very informative article to the Newsletter has since heard from old friends and I have heard from people who remember him and his parents when he lived in Sandgate.  

I read with interest the article submitted by Richard Grey in the last issue as I do remember him and his family, they lived just four doors away from us, and both Bryan, my brother Allan and friend Pam also remember him and hope to get back in touch in the near future.  

Sir John Moore School at Shorncliffe was my primary school (Sandgate School being to full when I was of the age to start!) and I am still in touch with some friends from there, also soon I shall be attending a re-union with old school friends from Harcourt Secondary School many of whom I have not seen for 45 years!

I do regret that I did not manage to make contact with Miss Hale who was of my teachers at Sir John Moore before she sadly passed away, although I did keep in touch with Miss Main who was my form teacher from Harcourt and who lived for many years in Wellington Terrace.