Sandgate Heritage Quiz

By Sandgate Society

  1. Who received a posthumous VC in 1916 and has a memorial in Chichester Hall?
  2. In what year was the last passing out parade at the Police Training Centre (now Saga building)?
  3. What was the name of the hotel which was pulled down in 1862 to make way for Coastguard Cottages?
  4. Where were the pupils of Sandgate School together with the joint head teachers, Mr and Mrs Neale, sent to during World War 2?
  5. What was the name of the cinema situated at 101-103 High Street?
  6. Which royalty visited Sandgate Castle in the 1800’s?
  7. From what shrub did the Golden Valley get it’s name?
  8. How long were the Sea Cadets based in Castle Road, Sandgate?
  9. What was the previous name of Wilberforce Road?
  10. Who unveiled the Sandgate War Memorial in 1921?
  11. How many Grade II listed Martello Towers are there in Sandgate?
  12. What musical instrument is being played in the picture from the Sandgate Society’s Summer Party 2019?
  13. In which year did the HG Wells story writing competition begin?
  14. Who established the Shorncliffe Garrison?
  15. Who cut the first sod for Sandgate station on the 11th of April 1882?
  16. When is the 2021 Sloe Gin Competition due to take place?
  17. How many restaurants/cafes advertise in the Sandgate Business Directory?
  18. What happens on the second Monday of the month in the library?
  19. In the Heritage Register, what is the name of the cottage at 22 Wilberforce Road
  20. Who wrote the forward to the Sandgate Design Statement 2020?

Closing date for the Quiz is 1st June – Answers coming soon